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Founded in 2015, Fuqua's Institute of Beauty Culture is a new Beauty Institute located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our founder, Jacqueline Fuqua, has practiced esthetics and cosmetology for more than 20 years and launched this school in an effort to provide a more affordable and efficient way for anyone to jumpstart their career in this industry.

Fuqua's Institute of Beauty Culture is a catalyst for aspiring professionals in the beauty and barbering industry. Our students will graduate with the skills necessary to build and maintain a strong following and remain competitive with the latest trends. Fuqua's Institute of Beauty Culture is strategically focused on innovation while providing a foundation for students to achieve their goals.

The skills and techniques that students learn at Fuqua's Institute of Beauty Culture will be applicable in their everyday work life. Our Educators teach with a philosophy of professionalism, candor and respect. We take a personal interest in the professional goals of each student in an effort to help them become successful.

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